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November 27, 2021

Brian Hardin Files to Run for State Legislature District 48

(Gering, NE) Gering businessman Brian Hardin is announcing his run for the state legislature for District 48 which includes Scotts Bluff, Kimball and Banner counties for 2022. This seat is held by Senator John Stinner, who will complete his terms next year.

“Our next generation will go where they have the best work and home-life opportunities. Our farmers and ranchers are some of the very best in the world. We WANT to export our food production. Unfortunately, we’re also unintentionally exporting many of our best and brightest young adults to other states. They leave and don’t come back. Nebraska is bleeding its future. We must create the conditions that encourage the next generation to invest their lives… here. They need career options that allow them to buy a home and plan a future. Let’s build THAT!”

Hardin will run his campaign highlighting his 21 years experience as a business consultant in strategic planning, financial services, insurance carrier plan design and commercial childcare.

Issues that Hardin has placed at the top of his list include growing agricultural opportunities and markets while shrinking  regulatory demands that harm farmers and ranchers.  Secondly, he wants to grow a pro-business environment that attracts job creators to western Nebraska.

Brian Hardin comes from a fourth-generation Scotts Bluff County farm family. After graduating from Gering High School, Chadron State College, and earning a master’s degree from Denver Seminary, he co-founded one of the larger Independent Marketing Operations in insurance in the US in the early 2000s. He recruited and trained several thousand independent brokers from all 50 states. When the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was enacted, Brian worked with state and local leaders to understand the sweeping changes coming to both personal healthcare choices and the wider economy. His background in working with diverse people in many areas of the country through financial services transitioned into a small-business consulting firm with clients from diverse sectors such as financial technology, cybersecurity, unfunded liabilities, early childhood education and the fine arts. Approximately half of the firm’s clients are international companies transitioning to the US market.

Brian believes personal liberty can thrive only where government is limited.

Brian and his wife Lili are active in their local church. He is a member of both the NRA and the US Concealed Carry Association. They reside in Gering and have adult children in Nebraska and Colorado. They also have one unruly Jack Russell Terrier.