Brian Hardin

For District 48 Nebraska Legislature

Brian Hardin is running for Nebraska Legislature, District 48.

He comes from a Scotts Bluff County farm family.

Brian is committed to the well-being of the people in Scotts Bluff, Banner and Kimball counties and looks forward to serving them with openness.

He believes personal liberty can thrive only where government is limited.

Election Day is November 8, 2022

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Vision, Issues, & Values

Brian wants to bring his leadership background to create new opportunities for agriculture and small business. Too many farmers and ranchers experience crushing debt. The exploration of new markets for our produce and attracting new ag-related business here is key. He also wants to help create jobs that attract young workers to Nebraska in general, and western Nebraska in particular. That means both 1) attracting business creators and 2) growing our own business creators. That also means we need to engage that process more aggressively than the states around us.

Grow people. Shrink government.

brian hardin

Brian and Lili Hardin

Local Economy:  Grow Agriculture – create new opportunities and markets.  Shrink regulatory demands that harm farmers and ranchers.  Grow Jobs – the good ones (the kind that enables you to buy a house).  Create an irresistible and welcoming environment for robust business creators so they can hire, train and unleash the strength of Scotts Bluff County workers.  Shrink regulatory influences that rob job growth.

Economic Growth and Tax Reform:   Grow an environment that attracts business.  Small business runs America.  Job creators will not build businesses where the tax codes are uncompetitive.  Shrink obstacles to business growth.  Big government and successful small business cannot coexist.

Pro-LifeGrow respect for life from conception.  Shrink the abortion industry.

Pro First AmendmentGrow personal expressionShrink the government’s selective filtering of input for the Left and suppression against the Right via Big Tech and the mainstream media.   Grow the Freedom of Religion.  Shrink the Freedom from religion.

Pro Second AmendmentGrow the people’s rights to protect themselves.  Shrink the erosion of those rights through overreach by regulation and special interest groups.

Pro Education:  Grow K-12 education through local school boards with the full support and cooperation of parents and local community.  Shrink outside influence of state and federal agencies and teachers’ unions on this process.  Grow moral training based on principles established by God, under Whom we profess to be a nation.  Shrink indoctrination of Critical Race Theory – overt or veiled, as well as gender-bending studies which divide instead of unite.

Pro Defense: Grow our Veteran’s Liberty: Let them choose their own medical providers.

Crime and Public ProtectionGrow support and public respect for Law Enforcement and the Law – including Border enforcement.  These public servants are to be thanked, properly equipped, trained, and encouraged.  Shrink ridiculous policy which marginalizes law enforcement or attempts to replace them with something else and something less.

The Leadership District 48 Needs Right Now

Brian and Lili Hardin

About Brian

Brian Hardin comes from a fourth generation Scotts Bluff County farm family where he learned the value of skinned knuckles and long days. He graduated from Gering High School. He then earned a bachelor’s degree from Chadron State College and a master’s degree from Denver Seminary. A consistent theme throughout his life is leadership. He cofounded one of the larger Independent Marketing Operations in insurance in the US in the early 2000’s. He recruited and trained several thousand independent brokers from all 50 states. He worked daily with those brokers to successfully market their local agencies in both rural and metropolitan contexts.

When the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was enacted, Brian worked with state and local leaders to understand the sweeping changes coming to both personal healthcare choices and the wider economy.

His background in working with diverse people in many areas of the country through financial services transitioned into a consulting firm for small-business. Clients are from diverse sectors such as financial technology, cybersecurity, unfunded liabilities, early childhood education, and the fine arts. Approximately half of the firm’s clients are international companies transitioning to the US market.

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